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ArabicLexikon Game – ImagineCup 2007

May 11, 2007 Leave a comment

A few days, I received an email from Samer Chidiac of Microsoft stating that my team is qualified for Round 2 of ImagineCup 2007 (Software Design) which will be held this Saturday 12th of May in German Jordanian University in Amman.
We (my partner Khalil and I) originally intended to participate in Web Development category, but unfortunately we missed the deadline so instead we decided to switch to Software Design (obviously we had to change the whole website to a Windows Forms application).The result is pretty good, we named it ArabicLexikon (with a ‘k’ !!).
The concept is pretty simple, ArabicLexikon is a ‘game with a purpose’ that aims to build a lexicon knowledge base for Arabic language. It was inspired by ESP Game which aims to label all images on the web.

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